Introduction, August 2018

This website was created in August 2018 in response to bill 35B proposed by Drs Sally Harvey and Carrie Kennedy, two members of the Military Division of the American Psychological Association.   The bill proposed to return military psychologists to Guantanamo Bay.  Despite early support from the APA Board of Directors, it was defeated 61% to 33% with 6% abstaining. (105-57-11).

On this website, you will find FAQs about the bill written by APA Watch and the response from APA Watch to Drs. Harvey’s and Kennedy’s own Fact Sheet.  In addition we give the full text of letters from the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, more than a dozen human rights groups,  and several psychology fellows sent to the Board of Directors and to the Council of Representatives of the APA expressing their opposition to the proposed bill.